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$50 million foreclosure suit hangs over LaSalle Street offices

Published On 2021-07-24
A receiver has been appointed by the Cook County Circuit Court judge to manage a five-story office building above the JW Marriott Chicago hotel. The rightful owner of the property, Chicago real estate veteran Michael Reschke, is currently facing a foreclosure action of $50 million more or less.

Chicago's Housing Market In 2021 Is On Fire: Here's Why

Published On 2021-06-17
Since the beginning of 2021, housing market experts foresee a year of high demand and rising property prices. Despite last spring's drop in housing market activity, home buying and selling swiftly recovered with thousands of buyers still eager to move and settle in a new home even if the lack of availability in many regions of the country has contributed to the soaring home prices.

How Do I Know What Type of Mortgage Is Best for Me?

Published On 2021-05-20
For those who are financially ready to buy a house, finding the right home and mortgage to make that readiness a reality can be difficult. Once you have your ideal property selected, it is important to carefully consider what type of loan is the best for you. Here are some key points to consider.

Buying a House in 2021? It Can Be an Emotional Experience

Published On 2021-05-10
Buying a home will always be an emotional experience thanks to the fact that it is a life-changing event. This is especially true in 2021, as we have just gone through an emotion-filled and highly unusual year.

How to Stop a Foreclosure Before It’s Too Late

Published On 2021-04-30
The current economic trends mean that many homeowners are still at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure. In recent years, foreclosure is the most common way that families lose their homes. Luckily, you can avoid foreclosure by knowing the proper precautions to take and following through with them.

Will the Downtown Apartment Market Come Back?

Published On 2021-04-26
In the last year or so, the downtown apartment market in cities around the world, including Chicago, has dropped. This downturn was a result of the pandemic, but it seems that the market for downtown apartments is now returning.

The Importance of a Mortgage Pre-Approval (From a Realtor's Perspective)

Published On 2021-02-23
As a Realtor, there is great satisfaction in helping our buyer clients find a home. Purchasing a new home is a big financial commitment and the process can be nerve-wracking even for a non-first time homebuyer. That’s where we as agents step in to help alleviate the anxiety and execute a smooth home buying experience.

How Biden’s Election Will Affect Foreclosures and the Real Estate Market Overall

Published On 2021-01-25
With a new president in the White House, there will be changes to the real estate market. The most obvious change will be a delay in foreclosures, but there will also likely be other long-reaching effects on the real estate market as a whole.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Buying REO Properties

Published On 2020-12-01
When it comes to investing in foreclosures and other properties, you can do so at several different stages of the foreclosure process. REO or real estate-owned properties are at the end of the foreclosure process. In these cases, there was no buyer during the auction, and now the bank owns the property.

Zombie Foreclosures

Published On 2020-11-26
With a zombie apocalypse looming (Dawn of the Dead), foreclosures are one situation that you have to be careful about. If you are currently facing a foreclosure, it's best not to move out too soon as you may be "haunted" by a zombie foreclosure.