9 Tips To Help Sell Your Home To Millennials.

Published On 2022-01-25
9 Tips To Help Sell Your Home To Millennials.

Selling a home is a lot of work, especially when you’re dealing with a younger generation of buyers. Millennials are the largest group of potential clients in the market today and it’s important to understand what they want from their home before listing it. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to sell your home to millennials.

  1. List With A Millennial Real Estate Agent
  2. Sell Your Home To The One Percent
  3. Change Your Marketing Strategy
  4. Make Sure That All Of The Appliances Are New, Cleaned And Working
  5. Get Rid Of Your TV
  6. Update The Kitchen Countertops And Cabinets To Crisp White Or Black Granite
  7. Add A Kitchen Island To Maximize Space And Provide Seating For Entertaining
  8. Create A Cozy Living Space With Throw Blankets And Low Tables
  9. Add Smart Home Technology Like Voice Assistants


List With A Millennial Real Estate Agent.

One way to sell your home to millennials is to hire a millennial real estate agent. Millennials grew up in this digital world and they're used to technology, social media, and online reviews. They understand what it takes to promote your home online and get it sold quickly.

Millennials are eager for success, so they will work hard to get the listing sold.


Millennial homebuyers


Sell Your Home To The One Percent.

Millennials are looking for houses that meet their needs and lifestyle. They want a house that they can customize to suit their needs and they're willing to spend on what they want. As a seller, this means keeping an open mind about the possibilities.

Consider the following:

  • Millennials may be more likely to purchase a property if there is some sort of room for expansion or potential to change the layout of the space
  • Millennials may be more likely to purchase a property with some degree of architectural significance such as an old Victorian home
  • Millennials may be more likely to purchase a property with smaller square footage
  • Millennials may be more likely to purchase a property with parking right outside
  • Millennials may be more likely to purchase a home near public transportation options, retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores and other conveniences.


Change Your Marketing Strategy.

If you want to sell your home to millennials, you need to change your marketing strategy. What type of marketing will resonate with this group?

One example of an effective marketing strategy is focusing on the balance between social and environmental responsibility. Millennials care about sustainability and living in harmony with nature. They also like knowing that their purchase has helped someone else. This doesn't mean there's no place for traditional advertising; it just means that you need to re-think what type of advertisements are most likely to appeal to this generation.


Make Sure That All Of The Appliances Are Clean And Working.

When you’re selling a home to a millennial, it’s important that their first impression of the property is as good as possible. If all of the appliances don’t work and are dirty, your prospective buyer will wonder if other parts of the house are in the same condition.

They may think that you don’t take care of your property and subsequently pass on making an offer. This is especially true for millennials who want to move into their first home and know what to expect from their appliances.

Make sure that all of the appliances are working and clean before listing your home. Millennials also like to see new or updated appliances, which can be an easy way to boost your appeal!


Selling a home to a millennial


Get Rid Of Your TV.

You may be thinking, “But my TV is one of the best features in my home.” But it’s 2018 and that may not be the case anymore.

The first tip for selling your home to millennials is getting rid of your TV. This generation has a different take on television than generations before, so listing with a millennial real estate agent is important. If you have a TV in your living space, it may put off potential buyers and they might look at your property as dated and outdated.

Make sure that all of the appliances are new, clean or working properly to give off a clean and updated vibe to all potential buyers. Another important aspect to keep in mind when looking for tips on how to sell your home to millennials is updating the kitchen countertops and cabinets to crisp white or black granite. Millennial buyers prefer minimalistic kitchens with simple designs and modern touches like granite countertops instead of old-fashioned wood cabinetry.

Adding a kitchen island will provide more space, seating area for entertaining guests, and an additional work area for cooking and prepping dishes during parties and events (always make sure that there's enough storage around this island).

It's also worth noting that the millennial generation prefers cozy living spaces with throw blankets and low tables; however you can't go wrong with coffee tables either! Add smart home technology like voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home Mini which can control all of your electronics (like lights) from anywhere in the house


Update Countertops And Cabinets To White Or Black Granite.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It's also one of the most important rooms to update so it will appeal to millennials. Countertops and cabinets are a great way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank. Consider switching out your countertops and cabinets with white or black granite for a sleek, modern look that will appeal to this generation of home buyers.


Create A Cozy Living Space With Low Tables And Throw Blankets.

One of the most important things millennials want in a home is a cozy living space. If your home doesn't have one or it doesn't feel as cozy as you would like, consider adding low tables and throw blankets for more of a homey feel.

Throw blankets give off an air of comfort and coziness and can also be used as a way to disguise some less than perfect furniture. Low tables are another easy way to make your living space cozy, especially if you don't have room for a coffee table. They're ideal for placing beside chairs or couches to use as side tables or even small dining tables.


Add Smart Home Technology, Such As Voice Assistants.

There are many ways to make your home more attractive to the millennial generation. One of these ways is by adding smart home technology, such as voice assistants.

In this article, we discussed how to sell your home to millennials. One of these tips was adding smart home technology to your property. For example, a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home could be a valuable addition to your property. In order for this device to work properly, it needs an internet connection and a hub that plugs into the wall – usually a WiFi router – which allows the device access to online information.

This wireless speaker can be used for anything from playing music, giving you the latest news updates, and even controlling other devices in your property like lights and thermostats! It’s a perfect fit for those looking for convenience and ease in their lives.


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