The ILFLS Advantage is the only local service run by local Chicago land investors for local investors

ILFLS, The Illinois Foreclosure Listing Service, started in 2004 when a group of investors decided to release their code for internal use to the public. Since then, the web site and ILFLS in general, have gone through a total revamp. Now there are 12 people actively working for ILFLS and 2 teams of programmers developing our products and services. We are Chicago based company with a professional recorder in every courthouse we cover. ILFLS is intended as a service for the Real Estate Professionals and constantly looking for new areas to expand.

Up to Date

Being local has its advantages. Our recorders visit the counties daily to record the newest foreclosure, probate and divorce filings. We invite you to compare us with any other ‘local’ provider.


Having the most current data is only part of the equation. We provide our users with the best tools to find the best deals, including:


In the last few years we have introduced many new features for our users and will continue to improve and expand the services we offer.

Customer Support / Training

What good is the data and tools if you don’t know how to use them. offers our users:

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