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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

For the Love of Investing
Happy Valentines Day from It's never too late to find the right love match between an investor and their property.
Posted: 02-17-2014 | Read More
Kane County on the Rise
Although the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow and heralded 6 more weeks of winter, it wasn't all bad news last week in Chicago because the number of properties sold to investors is on the rise.
Posted: 02-10-2014 | Read More
Preforeclosures and the Polar Vortex
The polar vortex may be hitting Chicago hard, but that doesn't mean that sales at the auction have to suffer. Plus, what's going on with preforeclosures?
Posted: 02-03-2014 | Read More
Foreclosure News Jan 20th-245h
The bloom may be off the rose. After two weeks of impressively high numbers from the auctions, the Chicago foreclosure market may be settling into its annual winter slump.
Posted: 01-27-2014 | Read More
The Turning Tide
From January 13th- 17th, Chicago foreclosures have remained one of the most in-demand areas of Illinois real estate.
Posted: 01-19-2014 | Read More
Auction Action
The first full week of 2014 seems to have inspired many investors to get into the foreclosure market! After three week of poor numbers due to the holidays, the Chicago area is seeing a marked upturn now that the new year is officially in effect.
Posted: 01-13-2014 | Read More
The Holiday Holdup
The last big push of 2013 came during the week before Christmas (Dec. 16th-20th)but the city has been lying low the past few weeks due to the holidays.
Posted: 01-06-2014 | Read More
New Year, New Appreciation
As a new year dawns, we at ILFLS want to take a moment to thank our partners and affiliates.
Posted: 01-06-2014 | Read More
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