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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

Weather...or Not
The middle of March marked the highest numbers of the year so far but as April grew closer, the numbers began to drop. From March 31st-April 4th there were only 39 properties sold to investors across the 7 counties.
Posted: 04-07-2014 | Read More
Kane You See the Trends?
Auction numbers for Chicago foreclosures have been fluctuating throughout the month of March, but as the month ends the 7 Chicagoland counties sold 20 less properties than the week prior.
Posted: 03-31-2014 | Read More
A Beautiful Home; A Beautiful Price
Auction numbers for Chicago foreclosures are holding steady this week, but there are stand out properties selling in Will County and we talk about one of them this week.
Posted: 03-24-2014 | Read More
Spring Sprang
As we sprang forward last week, it looks like Chicago foreclosures also experienced some positive change. From 74 properties sold during the first week in March to the 93 properties sold last week, it is obvious that spring is just around the corner.
Posted: 03-17-2014 | Read More
Marching Forward
The first week of March (3rd-7th) was unable to equal the high numbers of February for Chicago foreclosures.
Posted: 03-09-2014 | Read More
Chicago Foreclosures - Are We Out of the Woods?
According to a new article published by, it may be too early to stop worrying about foreclosures in Chicago. But it is not for the reasons you might think.
Posted: 03-03-2014 | Read More
Turning DuPage
As February draws to a close, ILFLS takes a look at some early trends for the month and discusses the mysterious Dupage County's auction activity.
Posted: 02-23-2014 | Read More
Auspicious Beginnings
After being stalled by the holidays, snow and cold weather in December, real estate in Chicago was able to shrug off the mediocre auction statistics and excel in January.
Posted: 02-20-2014 | Read More
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