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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

Summertime Success
As we prepare to enter the busy summer season in Chicago, we look back to last year's auction activity to predict what we can expect in 2014.
Posted: 06-02-2014 | Read More
We discuss the weekly Chicagoland foreclosure statistics and some interesting REO fluctuations.
Posted: 05-25-2014 | Read More
Deals and Steals at the Auction
One McHenry County property sold for a steal recently, and we tell you where to look for other great deals.
Posted: 05-19-2014 | Read More
Sowing and Reaping
As April waned and May waxed, the number of properties sold to investors increased from 90 properties sold between April 28 and May 2 to the 107 properties sold last week.
Posted: 05-12-2014 | Read More
All About Maps
This week ILFLS has a special announcement: the update and renovation of our Chicagoland maps! With a number of different features and ways to narrow your search, the new map function will help you find properties quickly and easily.
Posted: 05-05-2014 | Read More
With the Seasons Change, Change, Change
Side by side with the changing seasons, the landscape of Chicago foreclosures is also on the verge of blooming. For the third week in a row, Chicago has sold more than 90 properties to investors, a feat which surely indicates that summer is on the way.
Posted: 04-28-2014 | Read More
April Showers May Bring More Sales
As we reach the middle of April, auction sales are rebounding and, if past years are any indication, as we draw closer to the hot summer months, the numbers will only continue to rise.
Posted: 04-21-2014 | Read More
Cooking Again
During the first week of the month, only 39 properties sold to investors across the 7 Chicagoland counties, but last week marked a big comeback with 93 properties sold at the auctions in Chicago.
Posted: 04-14-2014 | Read More
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