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Chicago Area Real Estate News and Foreclosure Statistics


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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

After a few weeks hiatus, we are back and ready to fill you in on all that has been happening in Chicagoland foreclosures!
Posted: 10-24-2014 | Read More
Running A Tight Ship
From August 11th-15th, the Chicagoland area sold 93 properties to investors at the auctions largely due to Cook County and its rebound from the previous week.
Posted: 08-18-2014 | Read More
McHenry Steps Up
Although the auction numbers fell during the week of August 4th-8th, there was a bright spot in McHenry County and its impressive sales number for the week.
Posted: 08-11-2014 | Read More
The Hottest Time of the Year
As July drew to a close, the Chicago foreclosure auction numbers continued their climb back to healthy summer numbers after taking a pretty significant hit during the week of July 14th
Posted: 08-03-2014 | Read More
Regaining Momentum
After taking a dip in auction numbers during the previous week, Chicago foreclosures slowly began to regain momentum from July 21st -25th.
Posted: 07-27-2014 | Read More
Fluke Week?
Chicago auction numbers fell last week across the 7 counties creating some surprisingly low numbers for this time of year.
Posted: 07-21-2014 | Read More
Will County Properties for Less!
Chicagoland foreclosure numbers got back to normal after the holiday and investors found some great opportunities in Will County this week!
Posted: 07-14-2014 | Read More
Fourth of July Week
The 4th of July took its toll on foreclosure sales at the auction last week, but the numbers are expected to rebound stronger than ever next week.
Posted: 07-06-2014 | Read More
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