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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

Rage Against the Dying of the Light
Despite a raging first half of the month, the end of January is slipping quietly into the night on the Chicagoland foreclosure auction front.
Posted: 01-31-2015 | Read More
The State of the States
This week we look at the national foreclosure and housing statistics for 2014 and what they mean for 2015.
Posted: 01-24-2015 | Read More
A Real House at a Real Good Price
After Chicagoland auction sales skyrocketed during the first full week of January, the hype is starting to die down, but there are still good deals to be had for savvy investors.
Posted: 01-17-2015 | Read More
Starting the Year Right
As was the case at the beginning of 2014, the first week of the new year has induced a flurry of buying activity at the Chicagoland foreclosure auctions.
Posted: 01-10-2015 | Read More
The End (of the year) is Near
The last week before Christmas proved to be a solid one for Chicago area foreclosure auction sales.
Posted: 12-21-2014 | Read More
Last Minute Deals?
These early December weeks in Chicago are continuing to have foreclosures sell well in the Chicagoland area.
Posted: 12-15-2014 | Read More
A Promising Week
Thanksgiving may have affected the auction sales for the last week of November, but the first week of December seems to have picked up the slack.
Posted: 12-06-2014 | Read More
Zombie Foreclosures and Other Investment Opportunities
During the lead up to Christmas, some interesting opportunities could be there for those who see them. Fortune favors the bold!
Posted: 11-29-2014 | Read More
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