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Chicago Area Real Estate News and Foreclosure Statistics


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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

The End (of the year) is Near
The last week before Christmas proved to be a solid one for Chicago area foreclosure auction sales.
Posted: 12-21-2014 | Read More
Last Minute Deals?
These early December weeks in Chicago are continuing to have foreclosures sell well in the Chicagoland area.
Posted: 12-15-2014 | Read More
A Promising Week
Thanksgiving may have affected the auction sales for the last week of November, but the first week of December seems to have picked up the slack.
Posted: 12-06-2014 | Read More
Zombie Foreclosures and Other Investment Opportunities
During the lead up to Christmas, some interesting opportunities could be there for those who see them. Fortune favors the bold!
Posted: 11-29-2014 | Read More
From the 17th-21st of November, the Chicagoland auction numbers seem to have found their footing again, jumping from 68 properties sold to investors the week previous up to 81 properties sold during the last week.
Posted: 11-22-2014 | Read More
The Holiday Season Has Started
We are starting to see the results of the holiday season already! As November creeps toward Thanksgiving, the auction numbers continue to dwindle.
Posted: 11-15-2014 | Read More
Coming Back to Earth
After flying high last week for the end of October, November sees a soft fluttering back to Earth in Chicago foreclosure sales.
Posted: 11-09-2014 | Read More
A Halloween Surprise
Investors have stepped things up during the final week of October and the result was 105 properties selling at auction from Oct. 27th-31st.
Posted: 11-01-2014 | Read More
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