Hot news: Buying or selling a property over the holidays? Follow those tips.

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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

How does the property market look like in 2017 with a top developer as a President
Ironically or not after one of the top property investors in the world became the president of the states, America has been facing the question what will happen now with the shaky real-estate market while Trump is the head of the nation.
Posted: 01-16-2017 | Read More
Buying or selling a property over the holidays? Follow those tips.
There is nothing more exciting than buying a new house but is December and January the best time to do that? Here are some valuable insights to keep in mind if you buying or even selling a property over the holidays.
Posted: 12-23-2016 | Read More
How to secure your home during holidays
Holidays are for family reunions, traditional food and friends. The fuzz around the festive season sometimes starts months before that and we often get carried away with the preparation for the big date the Christmas day.
Posted: 12-21-2016 | Read More
When is the right time to sell your home? 4 crucial considerations
Whether you want to sell your place and set on an adventure or simply find your dream home you have to consider the perfect timing.
Posted: 11-22-2016 | Read More
Melting Down
After a tough couple of weeks at the auction, we wonder if foreclosure sales are melting down faster than the snow.
Posted: 03-28-2015 | Read More
March of Doom?
Despite a good start to the month, March seems to be flailing along with dropping auction numbers.
Posted: 03-21-2015 | Read More
The Review Continues
Picking up where we left off for last week, we take you through the world of new foreclosures and REO properties in January and February of this year.
Posted: 03-14-2015 | Read More
We take a look at 2015 so far and give you the scoop on what's to come for Chicago foreclosures.
Posted: 03-11-2015 | Read More
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