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Chicago Area Foreclosure News

Holiday Haze
Illinois foreclosures dropped from 82 properties sold to investors during the first week of December to 76 properties sold last week.
Posted: 12-16-2013 | Read More
A Breath of Fresh Air
After an extremely low week at the auctions during Thanksgiving, the first week in December brought more hope for Illinois foreclosures.
Posted: 12-09-2013 | Read More
Thanksgiving: Family, Food, Fun and...Foreclosures?
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what’s good in our lives. But, while Thanksgiving can be a great time for family, food and fun, it is not necessarily a great time for foreclosures.
Posted: 12-02-2013 | Read More
Finding Our Stride
October of this year was full of positive indications that this winter wouldn’t be too harsh on the Illinois real estate market, but November doesn’t seem to have quite gotten the memo.
Posted: 11-25-2013 | Read More
Last Monday Chicago had its first snow of the season – unfortunately, it looks like more than the snow was falling last week. The number of Chicago foreclosure properties sold to investors from November 11-15th was just 66, down a significant 25 properti
Posted: 11-21-2013 | Read More
Chicagoland Foreclosure Sales - November 4th - 8th, 2013
The first full week of November saw a slight dip in Chicago foreclosures. The 7 Chicagoland counties sold a combined total of 91 properties to investors, which is about average for this time of year.
Posted: 11-15-2013 | Read More
Saving the Day
We did it. We saved the day…or at least the day-light! We fell back an hour this past weekend and now Chicagoans can use that extra time to peruse local foreclosed properties. And there’s a lot to see. Last week continued the recovery we saw the third
Posted: 11-07-2013 | Read More
It’s a Zombie World After All
Halloween has the potential to be a great time for real estate. For the kids, it’s a treat to be in costume and getting candy, but for the parents, the real treat could be looking at what’s available for Illinois real estate – foreclosures, or otherwise.
Posted: 10-30-2013 | Read More
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