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* We record only the Probates for Deceased. No guardianships or disabled person records are included in our listings.

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ILFLS Probates Records offers the premier listing of probates to our customers as our recorders get the lists directly from the courts daily. Chicago area Real estate investors, attorneys, corporations and consumers all rely on the accuracy and timeliness of our probate listings.
Probate is a legal process through which the assets, real property of a deceased person are properly distributed to the heirs or beneficiaries. The Court oversees the estate to make sure debts are paid and proper distribution is made through an administrator or executor of the estate.
About the ILFLS Probates Listings. We record only the Probates for Deceased. No guardianships or disabled person records are included in our listings.

ILFLS Probate Listings

On a daily basis our recorders at the county courthouses collect the latest Probate filings. The data is recorded as is provided in the Petition for Probate and Will. All information is public and accessible in the county. For additional research please contact our support team. Please follow the link below to see a sample of our records. The information provided is only a Sample. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions. Download the Sample.

Why Probate Listings?

Probate filings are an extremely valuable marketing list and great source for property deals for real estate investors, real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage professionals and homebuyers. Find out why our Chicagoland Probate listings may be an invaluable marketing list for you.
Real Estate Investors / Agents
In a probate case someone may inherit a property but may not have any interest in holding on to it, may even be out of state and may wish to list the property for sale with an agent or opt for a quick sale with a real estate investor. Opportunity knocks!
Probate cases go through many twists and turns in the judicial process, and the people involved may not be represented or underrepresented and in need of legal services. For Illinois attorneys probate cases represent potential clients.
Mortgage Professionals
Many times the heirs in a probate case inherit a property and look to refinance an existing mortgage or finance a property which has no mortgage.
The heirs to a property going through probate may wish to sell a property as quickly as possible so as to divide the equity created through the sale regardless of the sale price or ‘market value’ of the home. Put simply, great deals can by found by homebuyers looking at probates.

Why choose Probate Lists?

  • Local – is Chicagoland’s Premium provider of marketing lists
  • Current – Marketing lists are not worth anything if they aren’t current. Our recorders get the probate filings daily, directly from the county.
  • Easy to Use – our data is created to make it easy to get the essential information you need.
  • Support – We take great pride in providing the highest level of customer service to our clients.

Still have questions and concerns?

Contact us with specific questions you may have regarding our probates records here.