The hottest neighborhoods in Chicago

Published On 2017-02-15
The hottest neighborhoods in Chicago

When we buy a home we want to make sure it ticks all the points in our bucket list. To have a fireplace, great view, pet-friendly, enough space for the kids to play. However, one of the biggest concerns is the location. Before start looking for Chicago foreclosures and investing your money in the dream place make sure you know the neighborhood. If your choice is to settle down in Chicago you should know this dazzling city has much to offer beyond the well known sights. Take a look at this list of the hottest neighbourhoods in the Windy City for 2017.  

The best neighborhoods in Chicago for 2017

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During the past few years different corners of Chicago has been through great transformations due to some major investments. As a results neighbourhoods such as West Loop, South Loop, Wicker Park, and Logan Square have become extremely desirable offering a variety of new bars, restaurants and other facilities that work as magnet to new residents.

Let’s not forget the veterans in the game. The well known old but gold spots such as Logan Square, ranked as the nation’s eight hottest neighborhood for 2013, Humboldt Park, that took the tenth place for the following year and Ukrainian Village which was at the top of the list nationally one year ago.

Want to experiment and try out something new? Keep an eye on Woodlawn on Chicago’s South Side and Belmont Gardens  on the city's Northwest Side. The suburban Oak Lawn, strangely as it may sound, also tops the listings. 

If you want to experience history and culture, Hyde Park is the right place. One of its biggest advantages is the presence of the University of Chicago which makes it a great destination for anyone who’s activities circle around the university.

According to researches Forest Glen scores high when it comes to safety and schools. For all nature lovers Mount Greenwood can provide you with some quality chill time around the trees while  Morgan Park and Beverly promise strong sense of community. All, besides Mount Greenwood which managed to keep it’s home values stable during the years, can also offer a great variety of good foreclosure deals.

Put in your list Uptown in the name of the good old time of the Jazz Age or Edgewater and Garfield Ridge where you can find incredible foreclosure properties at a reasonable price. If you searching for a lower price equivalent to Wicker Park, Logan Square and other neighborhoods maybe Jefferson Park is for you. Last but not least, Hinsdale can bring you a mix of vintage and brand new homes in a prestigious suburbs while negotiating for a better price.