How to secure your home during holidays

Published On 2016-12-21
How to secure your home during holidays

Holidays are for family reunions, traditional food and friends. The fuzz around the festive season sometimes starts months before that and we often get carried away with the preparation for the big date – the Christmas day. Bear in mind though that statistics show accidents and housebreaking at that time of the year are extremely high. Here is some accurate advice how to keep your home and family protected.

There is definitely something in the air when the festive season starts to approach. People become much more generous. They buy expensive presents for their dearest and nearest or simply reward themselves for being good throughout the whole year. Normally, we hide those gifts so that our family member’s cannot find them. Burglars actually can. In fact, thieves are well aware that your place turns into a gold mine around Christmas. From jewelry for the Mrs., to technology for the kiddies and even expensive food and wine, housebreakers know exactly how and where to find all those valuable treasures.

This is why you have to make it a bit more difficult for them. Do not display your Christmas tree close to the window. Thieves go for easy access and easy escape. Don’t show your gifts to the whole world. Rather choose a place in your house that no one can spot from the street. Same goes to social media. Nowadays burglars not only spy on your home, they stalk you in Facebook, Instagram and Twittter. Be smart when you post your Christmas decoration.

Used to tearing apart all those shiny well-wrapped gifts and then just throwing away the boxes as well? You basically provide the burglars with the latest catalogue of what can be found in your house. Yes, they do check your trash. Better find a more recycling friendly opportunity to deal with the packaging waste.

All those anti-housebreaking advices apply when you are at home during the holidays but the game becomes serious the minute you depart from the airport if not earlier. Mantras and some voodoo magic might help but just in case make sure you close all windows and doors, hide the already hidden spare keys, tell a neighbor to look after the place and double-check if you haven’t recorded one of those voice mails where you give detailed information where and how long you are away.

When all the basic safety requirements are ticked go for the details. Best way to do it is to think like a burglar. What are the main signs of inactivity or absence of occupants? Piles of newspapers, the same lights that stay on 24/7, or the opposite – lights off.  Also, don’t make the huge mistake to run external lights and then leave all those wires carelessly hanging from the windows. Instead, ask an electrician to sort out this for you in such way you can have both beautiful outside decoration and properly closed windows.

Unfortunately, housebreaking is not the only bad luck you can experience throughout the holidays. Believe it or not but your home can be the most dangerous place around Christmas and New Year’s eve. You cannot only fall from a ladder while decorating or slip on that glittering wrapping paper but you can also end up in a scenario from Hell’s Kitchen in your own house with all that cooking going around.

Last but not least, your home turns into a minefield with all those lights, candles and the fireplace. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the number of accidental fires around the festive season reach peak numbers. Make sure you don’t leave all those burning things unattended and never go to bed or outside the house without double checking that all sparkling, inflammable objects are secured. And if this is not enough - one word - fireworks!

Whether you will spend the holidays home with your family or travel to an exotic destination make sure you have all your ducks in a row in order to have a peaceful and safe celebration.