Dupage Delivers

By adminOn 09-20-2013

The second week of September couldn’t quite live up to the strong start the first week showed, falling by 17 points to just 80 properties sold to investors this week.  Luckily, even with this dip in foreclosed properties being sold, the overall numbers are still strong when compared to numbers from earlier in the year.  One county that has been able to remain relatively consistent throughout all of the ups and downs the various seasons and holidays have put the foreclosure market through is Dupage County.  Let’s take a closer look at the stalwart area.

Dupage County is located to the north west of Chicago proper and is the second most populous county in the state of Illinois, encompassing almost 20 different zip codes!  This past week it sold 9 properties to investors and has had consistent numbers for weeks.  Because Dupage is one of the more affluent areas surrounding Chicago, it often has a lower number of properties falling into foreclosure than some of the other counties.  For example, according to Trulia.com, the average listing price for Dupage County as of the week ending September 4th was between $269,000 and $395,000 where counties like Will have an average between $163,000 and $239,000 for the same time period.  This makes Dupage one of the most coveted places to look for newly foreclosed properties on the market.