All About Maps

Published On 2014-05-05
All About Maps

This week ILFLS has a special announcement – the update and renovation of our Chicagoland maps! With a number of different features and ways to narrow your search, the new map function will help you find whatever you’re looking for. 

To find the new map, you simply go to the search section and, along the bottom row there is a button titled “map view”.  Once you’ve clicked the button, there are a number of ways to narrow your search options.  If you are looking for a specific address, simply type it into the search bar on the left-hand side.  You also have the option to search a city name or zip code.  One other new and interesting feature is the ability to hand-draw a section onto the map itself.  So, for example, if you have a few cities where you may want to invest, you can use our nifty pencil tool to outline that specific area. Or, if you are in a hurry and are just looking to find available properties near you, there’s always our ‘Locate Me’ button which uses GPS to find properties in close proximity.

If you are looking to narrow your search in other ways, we also give you the option to search by property type.  If you know you are only interested in commercial properties or vacant land, you can choose from the drop down menu and see only relevant listings.  You can also input minimum and maximum dollar amounts so that you only see properties within your price range.  Another drop down menu gives you status options so that you won’t have to see a bunch of preforeclosure listings when you are only interested in For Sale By Owner properties.  

When you’ve found what you’re looking for or you have a group of listings circled with the drawing tool, don’t forget to save your search for future reference!  Then if you want to log in at a later date and recall a previous search you’ll be able to.  

The new mapping system is all about helping you - our customers - find exactly you want by providing a faster, easier way for you to search the vast database we’ve compiled.  There are a number of helpful features on the new mapping system and the best way to find them all is to try it yourself!