Foreclosures in Chicago Again on the Upswing in October

Published On 2008-11-10
Foreclosures in Chicago Again on the Upswing in October

October saw a 19% monthly increase in the number of foreclosures in the City of Chicago over the previous month.  There was a total of 1981 new foreclosure filings in October topping the 1661 foreclosure filings in the months of September.

Chicago foreclosures had shown some signs of relief as August saw a total of only 1472 new filings, well off the July record of 2000 foreclosures.  However this decrease was only temporary as foreclosures climbed 13% from August to September and another 19% in October.

Englewood on the south side of Chicago continues to suffer through the largest number of filings for any neighborhood with a total of 76 foreclosures in the month.

Chicago Neighborhood Snapshots – October

Lincoln Park Foreclosures – 8
Englewood Foreclosures – 76
Rogers Park Foreclosures – 30

All Chicago foreclosure statistics are provided by, the Illinois foreclosures listing service, and are recorded daily, directly from the Chicagoland counties.  If you would like more information, custom data, or a profile written about your area contact us.