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Jamestown Cr., Hoffman Estates IL 60195

Balance Due $136,402 | Zestimate N/A

Foreclosure Summary

County Case Filed COOK
Case Number
Last Update Nov-06-2005
Filing Date
Status (history) Sold to plaintiff
Auction Date
Auction Time
Sample Property Image
Sample photo

Case Info

Current Owners
First Owner:
Mailing Address
Original Loan
Balance Due $136,402
Date of Calculation
Plaintiff MERS
Plaintiff Attorney
Attorney Phone
Corporate-Trustee Owner

Mortgage info

Pin Number
Document Number
Year Of Mortgage 2003
Monthly Payment
Type of MTG FHA
Mortgage Executed
Last Payment Date
Interest Per Diem N/A

Subsequent Liens


Property Details

Property type OTHER
Class 2-99
Total Land Area 544,417


Year Built 1979
Last RE Sale Price UNKNOWN
Last RE Sale Date 08-11-2006

Additional Case Info and Comments

Additional Defendants- -


Legal Description-