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Illinois Marketing Lists and Real Estate Products is Illinois only local Chicago based source for Marketing lists. Our data professionals are in the counties everyday recording the newest preforeclosure, auctions, REO, probate and divorce filings so you have access to the most up to date lists...

Chicagoland Illinois Divorce Filings, Chicago area’s local data provider, offers the premier listing of divorce filings in Illinois to our customers, as our recorders get the lists directly from the Illinois courts daily.

Chicago area real estate investors, Illinois attorneys, corporations, news services and consumers all rely on the accuracy and timeliness of our divorce listings.

Get literally thousands of the newest filed divorce filings in Illinois in an easy to download format with

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Illinois Divorce Lists Pricing
*Prices valid after 6/1/2008. Please contact us for a special corporate discount.

Illinois Counties Monthly 3 Month Subscription Annual Subscription
Cook County Divorces $79.00 $159.00 $459.00
Dupage County Divorces $59.00 $159.00 $459.00
Kane County Divorces $59.00 $159.00 $459.00
Kendall County Divorces $59.00 $159.00 $459.00
Lake County Divorces $59.00 $159.00 $459.00
McHenry County Divorces $59.00 $159.00 $459.00
Will County Divorces $59.00 $159.00 $459.00
Winnebago County Divorcess $59.00 $159.00 $459.00

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